Cleaning and Maintenance Services by Badger’s

A 3BHK flat in Salarpuria, Bangalore, needed maintenance as it lacked tenants for long time during pandemic. Scroll down to see the images of this flat after maintenance.

Each and every photo you see below shows how badly they needed attention. We take up deep cleaning, after party cleaning, property readiness while tenants are replaced, works like granite replacement, sink replacement, tile replacements, Potty replacement, Gas Hob/Chimney/Drain Pipes/Sofa Set/Bed – selection, service, repair & restoration etc..

Below are some of our recent works for your reference. Feel free to contact us for best quotations based on your requirement.

After cleaning and Maintenance by Badger’s

3 Days of deep cleaning work, multiple consultations by electricians, plumbers and carpenters brought the flat to the liking of the landlord.